Doing two shows at Grassroots Super Spectacular Comedy Show for the Planet!

Shows at 7pm and 9:30pm


Tickets here:


BLURB: Join us for a stand-up comedy benefit to support Green Drinks DC and the Sierra Club DC chapter! 

Folks, we’re on Spaceship Earth. Isn’t that cool? We’re literally spinning and revolving all the time, regardless of how drunk we are. But as we hit the halfway point through the Earth’s eight-billion-year ride in the sky, it’s starting to look like we humans might not be around for much of the second half.

Between the soot in the air, the runoff in the water and the fastest rate of species extinction since 1981 (just kidding: since the dinosaurs), Mother Earth has been taking a real beating. It’s like our planet is a side character in a Quentin Tarantino flick and she’s being left for dead by people who were supposed to be her friends.

At Grassroots Comedy DC, we’ve seen enough. That’s why we’re partnering with Green Drinks and the Sierra Club DC chapter to stand up for the only planet we know of that has a working sewer system.

Headlined by Maher Matta from FOX's Laughs TV and featuring Matty Litwack, Kasha Patel and Pat Wise, the laughs and drinks will flow freely at the Bier Baron Tavern near Dupont Circle. So grab an environmentally-friendly buddy, jump on a bike (or a bus or your feet), and meet us for some laughs while we raise a few bucks to save the world at the Super Spectacular Comedy Show for the Planet.